Short-Lived Romance

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November 21, 2014 by theboringlifeofsteph

In an effort for my brain to avoid sleep it decided to bombard me with memories. I was pleasantly surprised by the following.

Our little romance was only short-lived – perhaps two weeks long? It was after I had dated an abuser, a guy who bored me, and another who had cheated on me. He was the first guy to give me a taste of what it was like to be treated well.

We went to school together, he lived just down the street from me, and we hardly knew each other. I have no idea how we began talking, but things progressed quickly.

I suppose we talked, then talked some more, and then some more. Before I knew it I was over at his house watching movies, playing with his two lovable dogs, becoming friends with his house-mates, and making out in his bed. I was only seventeen but still felt too young to go further than making out (a feeling I’m glad I listened to).

After a couple weeks he broke it off because he just simply didn’t have feelings for me anymore. At the time, I didn’t understand. Was there something wrong with me? I later came to realise it is something that just happens, sometimes the feeling just disappears for no apparent reason.

Before I realised this, I was feeling pretty devastated. We hung out at a party a couple weeks later and somehow found ourselves making out once again. It was odd. Not the making out, but the feeling after. I knew it was a no-strings-attached kind of deal, and it almost gave me closure?

Anyway! Fast forward almost three years. He has now been with the loveliest of girls for two years, and I have been with the most wonderful guy for a year and a half.

What got me thinking last night in bed is I know nothing about this guy anymore. This isn’t an issue for me, I actually find it rather beautiful. We were so close and similar, yet now we are living completely different lives and almost seem a world apart. He has moved out with his girlfriend, they are both working full-time and have created a lovely little family (their babies being two dogs and a cat), while here I am, studying full time, working casually, and living 40 minutes from my boyfriends house.

I cant be the only one who finds it amazing that two people who were once so close chose different paths which has led them in completely opposite directions?


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